A Murder in Middletown  LbNA # 50941

Placed DateOct 16 2009
LocationMiddletown, OH
Found By Creecher
Last Found Oct 26 2009
Hike Distance?

Inspector, my name is Detective Creecher with the Middletown Police Dept. Yesterday evening, the richest man in town, locally known as "the Baron", was murdered. With this high profile case, I don't want anything to go wrong and we need to find this killer right away. I will be at the Baron's mansion tomorrow morning. If you are interested in helping find this killer, meet me there. To get to the mansion, take I-75 in southern Ohio, to exit 36. If you are going South on I75 you will turn right onto Ohio 123, If you are going north on I75 you will turn left onto 123. Go 1.7 miles to S. River St. (Ohio 73) and turn left. Stay on Ohio 73 for 5.6 miles and turn right onto Tytus Rd. Go about 300 yards till you see a sign on your right for "Smith Park" and turn into the park. There is a parking area very near the entrance. Take the first paved foot path on the right side of the road. Walk till you come to the first bench. Eight paces behind the bench is a small stand of bushes with a hollow spot to poke your head in. To find the mansion, look for the hollow inside the hollow. I hope to see you there.

There are a total of eight boxes in this series. The first box is the mansion and will have a stamp and directions to the first suspect. Each of the suspects will also have there own stamp and directions to the next suspect. However once the clues are put together and the killer is named you are given 3 possible "Hiding places" where the killer could be. Only one of the hiding places has the evidence. It is up to you to catch the killer and find the stamp of evidence that proves this is indeed the killer.

All of the boxes are in Smith park. Walking is light to moderate and easily traversed with only slight inclines.
Please note that this is indeed a long trail of boxes, so start early and allow yourself plenty of time to finish as the park closes and gates are locked at dark.

~Things you'll need~
Your stamp, inkpad, book, pen and a note pad to write down the clues for the next box.