Iron Giant  LbNA # 50967

OwnerMerlin and Ardea      
Placed DateSep 3 2009
LocationWaukesha, WI
Found By Merlin and Ardea
Last Found Jul 2 2015
Hike Distance?

Iron Giant
Clues updated 7/2/15
***This box was placed for the Boxacon Gathering.***
Start at the red/blue/green/yellow trailhead across the road from parking lot 3. Follow the blue trail to the blue post across from the fence corner of the dog park. From the blue post take 26 steps back to the large Ash tree on left. Go 31 steps to two large oaks at 335° and then to the flat rock behind the second tree. From the flat rock go to the stump end of the down tree at 290° where The Iron Giant is waiting.