Parkway Devils Marble  LbNA # 50976

Placed DateOct 18 2009
LocationBlue Ridge Ave, Bedford, VA
Found By Little Debbie
Last Found Oct 30 2014
Hike Distance?

Legend has it that in the early 17th century Indians worshipped The Great Spirit on a high rock ledge under a pinnacle. An older missionary and a young woman came to the valley to convert the Indians to Christianity. An intense drought ruined crops and dispersed game. Blame was placed on the missionary. As the two intruders were being burned in sacrafice, a terrible storm smashed the pinnacle and ledge creating the 8 acre boulder field known as the Devil's Marbleyard.

At Milestone 71 along the Blue Ridge Parkway is a road that leads to the trailhead that goes to an 8 acre boulder field known as the Devil's Marble Yard. To find the Devils Marble Letterbox, take this road just off the Parkway to a parking area at the appalachain trail crossing. Due North from the far corner of the parking area about 25 feet into the woods is a tree with a National Forest Wilderness boundry sign. To the Left of this tree find an old rotted stump laying on its side, look in the roots under rocks and leaves.