The Case Of The Fabulous Flip Flop  LbNA # 5098

Placed DateAug 4 2003
LocationModesto, CA
Planted By
Found By Jiggs
Last Found Aug 24 2003
Hike Distance?

Madison and Abbey were headed for a walk, even though they didn't have on the proper shoes. They both were only wearing their flip flops.Madison said that we should Head south on Claus road, past Scenic across the bridge and immediately turn left on Gomez road. "We can park on the shoulder right there," said Abbey. Madison started on the paved bike path at the striped post. "Don't forget to be neat as you go down" said Abbey. "Remember there is a slow steep grade," said Madison. The two girls walked under the big scary bridge heading west. After the gate and at the start of the fence little Abbey started to skip and count fence posts. "Wow! You can really count, You are at 133" exclaimed Madison. They paused and noticed the big gate that goes into the orchard. Abbey continues to count, at 9 she stops and turns right at the shady maze bike trail. With a fork in the trail, she chose to follow the afternoon sun. While walking the trail and looking at the creek, Madison got her flip flop caught down by the creek. Silly Madison thinks an old piece of metal grabbed it and hid it.