Castlewood Spring  LbNA # 50985

Placed DateOct 18 2009
LocationFranktown, CO
Planted ByThe Little Family    
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Visiting Castlewood Canyon is MUST if you're in the area. To find our family's first ever letterbox, head down the Inner Canyon Trail just off the main parking area.

You'll head down into the canyon and across a footbridge. In about five minutes, you'll come to your first series of large boulders, including a really big one with a large flat area on top. It's a great spot to clamber up on and take in the view.

Just past this big boulder is a tiny offshoot to the right (just before the trail starts heading downward). There are a pair of big rocks that lean together to form a little hole underneath and they look like a great place to hide a letterbox!

...but it's not there.

Climb the small "staircase" of rocks to their left and you'll see another big boulder on your left. Look up behind it and you'll notice a set of natural shelves. On one of these shelves is a white stone shaped like a "Y".

Look inside and you'll find the "Castlewood Spring" letterbox.

NOTES: Please don't tread on any of the delicate plantlife around. You'll need to pay a (currently) $6 fee to get into the park. Hikable by kids, but not strollers. Please watch out for snakes! We saw a little rattler on our last hike! We did not leave an ink pad or pen, so please bring your own.