1997  LbNA # 50986

OwnerMartini Man      
Placed DateSep 20 2009
LocationWaukesha, WI
Found By shooting starz
Last Found Jun 29 2014
Hike Distance?

This box was placed as part of the 2009 Boxacon event.

Time: 45 - 60 minutes
Terrain: Some uphills. The trail at times will be a little rough.

It is the year 1997 and Earth has become drastically overcrowded. Bold attempts to colonize the stars are being launched and our intrepid space explorers are part of that effort. Unfortunately their spacecraft crash landed on the planet Krapakoonim. They survived and made a home there at Landing Area Evif, but now their meteorological sensors tell them that the local environment will become catastrophically cold. Thus they now flee the icy weather in their land rover in search of warmer climates.

“Don, let’s begin by following that old alien road to its end.”
“DAD!! DAD!! What is that sign there?”
“You silly boy. It’s clearly an artifact about the past inhabitants of this woebegone planet and their domesticated pets!”
“Let’s tone down the attitude, mister. You are a stowaway and here with us at our sufferance!”
(mumble, mumble)
“Doc, should I head up southwest?”
“Yes, Don, That appears to be the best way uphill.”
“Dad? Which way do we go now at this T in the roadway?”
“Judy, check your sensors. What do they say?”
“I pick up increased temperature at 155 degrees, Dad.”
“The rover will slow down going uphill. I hope the batteries hold out.”
“DAD!!! We’re curving off to the right!”
“Settle down, Will. We have to keep heading south.”
“John, here at this “Y”, my sensors pick up increased life forms at 290 degrees.”
“Hmm, Don, take us the exact opposite bearing.”
“Dad, which way now at this four way?”
“Let’s take a bearing. What do you show, Maureen?”
“Looks like we need to continue 180 degrees”
“Steady Will, that’s our course.”
“Dad, over there to the right. I see a quicker way south”
“Good eyes, Judy! Take us in, Don!”
“Danger! Danger!”
“Oh, shut up, you bubble-headed booby! Just ignore those side paths!”
“Dad, it’s getting dark and I’m scared.”
“We’ll be all right, Penny. Let's stay the course.”
“Doctor, I am thinking if we head 240 degrees we might find shelter in a rock wall. I am picking up such a formation on the sensors.”
“Hmmm, that fallen log seems to indicate we might have some fearsome company in the area. Don, take us in to the rock wall, as you suggested.”
“Dear, perhaps the rover would fit under this rock near the metal post.”
“Mom, do you think it is a relic from some alien culture?”
“Oh Will, always looking for excitement!”