Box needs first aid - see comments in Status page Outdoor Wisconsin-All boxes ALL THERE 10/15/12  LbNA # 51012

Placed DateOct 1 2009
LocationMilwaukee, WI
Found By Sea Buddha and Me
Last Found Aug 15 2016
Hike Distance?

This will be a relatively easy walk of approximately 2 miles round trip.

Terrain: paved paths, but some of the boxes are on 'unsteady' ground.

Length of time: 2 hours

Please bring colored markers

Six boxes are hidden at Southshore Park, 2900 S. Shore Drive, Milwaukee. If coming from north to south, take the Hoan Bridge and get off at the Port of Milwaukee Exit. Turn left and then right and go around the curve. You’ll see S. Shore Drive, but it’s one way, so continue to the stop light and turn left on Superior. You can get to the park easily by turning left on Estes Street. Park near Picnic Area 1.

Head toward the lake until you see the Oakleaf Trail going south. It is divided into an upper path and a lower one. Take the lower one. From the rock bench on your right,go south VERY BRIEFLY. You will quickly see a ‘mound’ of sand and small rocks on your left. Behind the mound is a small grove of trees. Standing at the north side of the tree grove, you’ll see another rocky mound and a fallen tree. At the base (toward the walk), is box #1. Hide well after stamping.

Isn’t it great to be outdoors, enjoying the beautiful lake as you walk down the path? As you continue walking and enjoying the scenery, you will come to a fence with a sign that says ‘periodic flow of water.’ Following the northern fenceline, stand on the ‘pier’ that faces the lake. Face north, and start walk 23 paces on the grass along the rocks. On your right, you will see 'a little patch of road.' Just north of the patch of road is a triangular rock leaning toward the grass. Beneath it lies box #2. Hide very carefully with lots of rocks piled around it.

Continue walking south down the Oak Leaf Trail. You will be following a low retaining wall on your left. At the end of the wall, start counting 47 paces. To your right, you’ll see a tree that once was. Within it lies box #3.Re-hide the box well and walk until you find a staircase going up. You’ll want to take it because it’s great exercise.

At the top of the stairs, you’ll see a path on your left. It’s a true wilderness path! Take approximately 36 paces down the path. On your right you’ll see a small tree that once had limbs. They not lay at it's feet. Under one is box #4. Re-hide well, and start toreturn to the stairs.

But just before the stairs and before leaving the woods, look to your left. You will notice a tangle of vines Within that tangle's base is a great hobby, box #5.

Head north on the upper path until you get to Superior Ave. You’ll find yourself in a beautiful residential neighborhood. Continue traveling north until you come to Texas Street. Follow the sidewalk along the lakefront side. Keep walking until you’re back to the start of the upper and lower paths.

Sit on the rock bench at the beginning of the lower path and relax a bit. You’ve earned it. But you’re not done. From the the southern edge of the bench, take 42 paces. On your right, a tree once stood, but all that is left is a bit of it. It is enough to hold box #6. You deserve to do what is on the stamp after your good outdoor walk!

The fourleaf clover team hopes you have enjoyed a bit of outdoor Wisconsin.