Marchmont Kids V 2.0  LbNA # 51026

Placed DateOct 20 2009
LocationLand O Lakes, FL
Found By geo girl
Last Found Mar 1 2011
Hike Distance?

This is the replacement box for the original that was stolen. It features a new hand carved stamp that is similar to the first. The box is located in the large, residential neighborhood of Oakstead. Oakstead is located in Pasco county on Hwy 54 between Hwy 41 and the Veteran's expressway. Zip code is 34638.
**Please note, if you have visited this box before, the log book was destroyed by water. A new book has been replaced as of Feb 2011 and is ready for you to visit again!**

Upon entering the neighborhood follow Oakstead blvd until it ends. Here's where the fun begins!

Next, go left and use "Patience" until it runs out.
Park when you can drive no further.
You're in the right spot if you see a pond on the left.
Wave to the LIVE gators if you see them!
Now look to your right.
Soon, the letterbox will be in sight.
You'll see a roadway leading through tall cypress trees.
There's a gate in your way.
But that's OK because you don't need to go that far.
Take a walk on the left with concrete under your feet.
When you pass a wall count 9 white posts.
At the base of number 9, the letterbox you will find.
It's at the base of the large hedge.
It's just out of reach, tucked under the edge.
A word of caution.
Please stay out of sight.
If somebody sees you the box just might take flight!

Since this area is surrounded by cypress swamps you must be careful when reaching under bushes. Watch out for snakes, gators, and wasps. Even though this is in an easily accessible area I'd suggest that only an adult retrieve the letterbox. Because the original box was stolen the replacement has been hidden and covered lightly in mulch. Please camouflage the box when hiding it again. I hope this will keep it form going missing again. This is a high traffic area so be mindful of who may be watching you.