Mirror Mystery  LbNA # 51027 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 3 2013
LocationLake Park, Lutz, FL
Found By jldh
Last Found Feb 15 2013
Hike Distance?

This box is located in Lake Park, which is located on North Dale Mabry highway just South of Van Dyke road.
This letterbox replaces my missing Peace and Love letterbox that was planted in 2009 but went MIA in 2012. The new box is in the exact same location as the old one.

Enter the park and take the first right.
But the next road you see please go left for me.
Round a curve and see a playground on your right.
You're getting closer...
The starting point will soon be in sight.
Where the pavement ends the dirt begins
So make a right turn once again.
Follow it down to you see a wide gate.
Look to your left for kids on play dates.
Enter the trail, your fun now begins
Walk straight ahead till you cross a small bridge.
Stop for a moment and take a free drink
Ponder the clues, what do you think?
Look around at the exercise station
soon you will have cause for much elation.
Follow the ground barrier that makes like a box
Walk to the edge then turn left quick like a fox
Look across the path and into the woods you will see
A lush tropical forest full of ferns and a mighty oak tree.
The box you seek is behind that tree.
It's at the base under ferns and covered by leaves.

Once you get your prize please cover the box please
And let this box remain hidden for others who want to see.