Angry Crow  LbNA # 51048

Placed DateOct 23 2009
LocationPflugerville, TX
Found By Chrivid
Last Found Jan 3 2015
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Angry Crow Letterbox

The "Angry Crow" Letterbox is located on Bohl's Park Hike & Bike Trail - Pflugerville, Texas. It replaces "Big If" letterbox which was lost.

Pflugerville is a bedroom community just north of Austin and just off of I-35. One of its best features is a series of paved hike and bike trails running through much of the city. The "Big IF" letterbox is near one of the many trails. The terrain is easy but the box is not wheelchair accessible.

To get there from I-35:
From I-35 take the FM 1825 exit. Head east on 1825, which will turn north very soon after exiting from I-35 and then twist and turn a couple of times as it becomes Pecan Street. Continue down Pecan Street through downtown Pflugerville. Bohl's park is on Immanuel Road which intersects with Pecan one block east of the HEB on FM 685. The entrance to Bohlís Park is one block south of Pecan on Immanuel Road.

To get there from Highway 130:
Take the Pecan street exit. Go west on Pecan to Immanuel road. The entrance to Bohlís Park is one block south of Pecan on Immanuel Road. The HEB shopping center is just across Pecan street from the park.

Letterbox clues:
From the Bohl's Park parking lot find the sign that tells us our time in the park is limited. From there, head north 58 paces. Turn and face west. (You are in the wrong place if the hike and bike trail is not below you.) What you seek is directly in front of you about eye level. It is secured to the abandoned structure with a hook so remove it from its hiding place carefully.

Please be discrete as you will be out in the open in a heavy traffic area.

This box contains two stamps. One is the "Angry Crow" resident stamp that should stay with the box. The other is a hitchhiker stamp that is eager to travel and see the world. You are invited to take the hitchhiker stamp with you and place it in another letterbox. (If you choose to take it please let me know so I can replace it with another.)

When you are finished carefully replace the letterbox by attaching it to the abandoned structure using the hook. You will need to invert the box in order to attach it.

If you type in
Latitude 30.434367659527787
Longitude -97.61094510555267 will show you the location.

Angry Crow Letterbox replaced "Big IF" Letterbox

"Big IF" Letterbox History

Originally placed on 6/05/07 in Bohl's park under a tree just across from the HEB sign on Pecan street.

In March of 2008 the letterbox was smashed to smithereens by a bulldozer and the notebook lost. However, the stamp was recovered and moved to a new location.

On 4/17/08 it was moved to this location. In September 2009 it was declared missing, presumed lost. "Angry Crow" continues the tradition.