RIP Daniel Island  LbNA # 51073

Placed DateOct 24 2009
LocationDaniel Island, SC
Found By harleyman
Last Found Jan 21 2011
Hike Distance?

Somewhere on Daniel Island there is a spooky place.
You must first find the pier to set the pace.
Once you find the pier.
The path on the left will bring you fear.
After the second bridge you must stay to the right.
Change direction and you will have a fright.
Go a little further, but donít dismay.
Take a right or you will go away.
Cross that creepy bridge, donít go too far,
To the right will keep you from getting ajar.
What do you see but a big marker?
For the Leserne family, you will be smarter.
Take a few steps, 25 to be exact.
Anna and William Brailsford are keeping the facts.
If you look to the right, you might see their soles
10 steps or a few, will take you to the willow hole.