On the Commons  LbNA # 5111

Placed DateAug 5 2003
LocationBrunswick, ME
Found By phynstar
Last Found Aug 10 2012
Hike Distance?


From the town of Brunswick, turn onto Rt. 123. Follow Rt.123 to the Brunswick Common on your right. (Note: Skofield Preserve is just down the road).

Although this is an easy walk, you will need boots in anticipation of wet ground. Be prepared with clothing too as parts of the trail will be bushy.

Redbird-Redbird Letterbox

Head left from the information post past a square table. At the top of a hill stay left on this trail. Continue onward where the path merges with another from your right. There are 2 neat trees here on the right! You are interested in them for prosperity sake; nothing more. You'll come up on a bench but it is too early for a rest (benches are for mosquitoes anyway!). However, there is a small sidetrack into the woods to see a swamp type area. A lot of interesting fauna...look where you go as there are loads of mushrooms around. I also was rewarded in meeting 2 small red squirrels...at first they sounded like birds calling back and forth in the tree tops.

Back on the trail, soon you'll see a big tree. Follow the PPB. On the right; berries that are blue keep you true. At the signs continue straight where you will pass under 2 pines hanging out over the trail. Now come to a very small and hardly noticeable bridge. At the "T" head right for the adventure of a life time! - (OR If you would like take the kid friendly LEFT here! In about 8 steps, you will see a path on the right. Take it then turn around. Follow clues below at: **Looking...)

Continue following the trail amongst blueberry, choke cherry and fern plants...continue a long walk here. Next "T" go left over the tire and the bumper...getting your feet wet. The path is tight so I hope you dressed right. Take the corner and continue all the way to the sleeping giants. On this new path, left from here heads you to a fork and then right heads you out. But wait don't go left yet!

**Looking right at 120* about 25 steps is the prize, behind a sleeping giant, well hidden, near a tree. Stamp in and rehide carefully. If you could: Be sure this is covered with sticks and bark, I'd appreciate it. There are X-country skiiers in the winter. Thank you. Happy boxing!!!