There She Is Miss America (2X)  LbNA # 51111

Placed DateOct 25 2009
LocationDelaware, OH
Found By The Irishmen
Last Found Sep 19 2012
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There She Is Miss America (2X)

There She Is-Miss America (Two Times) Mary Katherine Campbell was first crowned Miss America in 1922, and again the following year in 1923. She also entered the pageant in 1924, and came very close to winning a third time. As a result of her winning two and almost a third title, the rules were changed to allow a contestant to only win one time. According to information at she was only 15 at the time of her first win. Her official records, and headstone list her date of birth as being 1905, so she would have actually been 17. It is possible that her records are incorrect as it is said that she did admit to being only 15 when she was crowned Miss America. After her wins she was approached with movie offers, and to appear in the Ziegfield Follies. Due to her young age, her mother would not allow it. She went on to finish school, and eventually married Fredrick Townley, a DuPont executive. She remained in Central Ohio until her death in 1990.

Enter Oak Grove Cemetery and take the immediate left. Do not take the "roads less traveled". Stay on the road that will take you past Potter, Carpenter and the place shared by Battenfield and Dodd. At a T-intersection, park near the "Shade". Start at the Shades and walk 14 paces at 15* to pay your respects to Mary Katherine (Campbell) Townley -- the only 2 time Miss America Winner. Then walk 11 paces at 35* -- Mary Katherine's Crown is being kept safe behind Nancy and very very near David.

Do your homework before heading out -- there is another box planted in this cemetery by fellow boxer - Rosmarinus

After your find, please be sure to discreetly replace everything as you found it and take the time to look at this beautiful cemetery. Hope you enjoyed the search and the little bit of history about the only 2X Miss America winner.