Two Idols Kickin' It!  LbNA # 51125 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerTricky Troy    
Placed DateOct 26 2009
LocationNew Brighton, MN
Found By Little Treasure Seekers
Last Found Apr 23 2012
Hike Distance?

Follow Silver Lake Rd just south of 694 to 7th St. go East.
"Pump" your brakes when you see the "land of the Polynesians", and proceed South on the "Unlucky" Ave.
Continue through the Stop at the end of the block, and find a place to park toward the West.
Take the path North past the "Crying" Trees, and walk the planks through the marsh.
Follow slightly downhill from there being careful not to trip over the exposed rock!
Listen closely, and you will hear the sounds of a Raging Water Fall. (Well, ok, it's not exactly Raging, but you will hear it.)
Enjoy the sights and sounds of "Waterfall Bridge", then cross over to the West side by the Green Metal Box.
Slide around to the South side of the bridge, take about 10 steps toward the water, and you will find the box under the bridge behind the small curved tree near the metal pipe.
You can continue your walk around the lake to a nice playground and another bridge, (10 to 15 min more) or simply go back from whence you came.