Libre Worm  LbNA # 51136 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 2 2009
CountyLos Angeles
LocationPalos Verdes Estate, CA
Planted ByP7565V    
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Hike Distance?

Hello! We are Girl Scout troop 756. Happy hunting and good luck to you all!
1. Make a left on Via Corta
2. Walk to the Malaga Cove Library that has a huge wall of sheets of rock, not the fountain with Triton.
3. Walk up the stairs so that you are level with fountain, and are looking up at a grassy field slanting upwards.
4. Walk up the smaller flight of stairs and take the left path that is beside the grassy field.
5. When you pass the grassy field, keep going to the left until you reach the first lamp post.
6. On your right should be a large, tan rock.
7. We’re not exactly sure if the faculty appreciates us doing this, but we instruct you to turn right where the large tan rock is, then walk up the hilly dirt path through the trees.
8. On your right should be a pile of tan rocks. There is also a rather large chunk of white rock. This is a little heavy, so watch your fingers and lift it. There, multiple thin slabs of tan rock. If you lift some of the tan rocks, there will be a crevasse.
9. Tucked inside the crevasse is the red container holding the stamps and the letterbox. Great job!