Mom's Birthday Letterbox  LbNA # 5116 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 7 2003
LocationColumbia, CT
Found By Painterly and 46R
Last Found Sep 5 2009
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Mom's Birthday Letterbox
This box was planted for Biking Boxer by her daughters Jessie and Small Bear.

Mono Pond, Columbia CT

Mono Pond can be reached by following signs off of Route 66. You can hike, fish, hunt and go boating in this State Park.

Follow the yellow blazed path from the parking area behind the kiosk and look for markers with numbers on them. They are part of the Mono Pond Nature Trail. Some guides are available behind the kiosk with the park information. At the first intersection, bear to the left and follow the yellow blazed path. Pass by station #2 (oak and hickory trees), station #3 (wolf tree... a dead tree thats been host to many animals and insects), station #4 (lichens), station #5 (white pine, station #6 (christmas fern), station #7 (sassafras and maple-leaved viburnum). Just past the stone wall after seven, turn right, still following the yellow dot trail. At station #8 (american chestnut) go through the stone wall and stop. Look to the left towards the water for a tree against the stone wall that has been attacked by woodpeckers. Look between the stone wall and the tree for Mom's Birthday Letterbox. Continue back on the yellow blazed trail. At the next intersection, take a right. Pass station #9 (moccasin flower, witch hazel pinxter flower), station #10 (Canada Geese, Spicebush and Highbush Blueberry), station #11 (Wood Duck nesting box). At the next intersection, bear left, following the path at the ponds edge. Pass station #12 (signs of human impact). This will bring you right out to your car. I hope all of your birthdays are as happy as my mom's was!!