Magnificent Mounds  LbNA # 51176

OwnerVerona Bird Patrol    
Placed DateOct 17 2009
LocationMarquette, IA
Found By sparky's crew
Last Found Jul 2 2016
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Effigy Mounds National Monument preserves three prehistoric sites in Allamakee County and Clayton County, Iowa. There is a fee to enter the park. The first box can be found without hitting the trails, and thus presumably without paying the fee.

An “Effigy Mound” American Indian culture developed over 1,000 years ago placing thousands of earthen mounds across the landscape of what (today) includes parts of Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois.

Over 200 mounds are preserved intact within the Monument; 31 are effigies in the shape of bears and birds - commemorating the passing of loved ones and the sacred beliefs of these ancient peoples

Drive to the visitor's center for Effigy Mounds National Monument. Park and walk to the main sign. From here, take a reading of 10 degrees and find the first box under the large fallen tree just within the treeline, under some white rocks.

To find box number two, find Eagle Rock. From Eagle Rock, take the trail that will lead you toward Fire Rock. Keep an eye out for the tree stump (~9 feet tall) on the right that appears to have eagle "feathers". Find what you seek between this stump and the neighboring fallen log.