Taking a Leaf from Summer  LbNA # 51185

OwnerDelhi Granny    
Placed DateOct 31 2009
LocationSlade, KY
Found By viktorviking
Last Found May 10 2014
Hike Distance?

Natural Bridge State Park is one of the original Kentucky state parks. It is less than an hour from Lexington and only 2 -2 1/2 hours from Cincinnati. It is part of the Red River Gorge area. If you enjoy hiking beautiful woodsy trails with fabulous views but you like sleeping in a lodge, this is the place for you! (They have campgrounds also) But back to the letterbox... Go to the top of Natural Bridge. There are several trails, The original trail is the shortest but it isn't terribly easy. Please do a search for this park before you go and check out the maps. The easiest way up is via the skylift but it is closed November through March.
Taking a Leaf from Summer is on Balanced Rock trail. This is a very steep trail to go up so please don't go up on this trail unless you are very fit. Down is better. So, if you are on the bridge, head to the trail. Eventually you will come to a large “rockhouse” on your right. The wooden stairs go up, plateau, and go down. At the end, a large rock is to your right. There is a crevice to the rear with sticks and leaves guarding. If you have long arms, you might be able to reach through he lower guardrail. Please be stealthy...boxes go missing here easily.