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Placed DateOct 24 2009
LocationSalt Flat, TX
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What to do if You Run into a Mountain Lion

Donít let the fear of mountain lions keep you from hiking. There are very few mountain lions in the Guadalupe Mountain National Park. If you do run into a mountain lion, here are some steps to keep you safe.

1. A walking stick is a helpful tool to protect yourself.
2. Take a fully charged cell phone with you when you go
3. Do not hike at dawn or dusk. Mountain lions are more
active then.
4. Do not hike alone. It is easier for a mountain lion to
attack you.
5. If you do run into a mountain lion, be very quiet and
donít turn your back on the mountain lion.
6. Do not crouch, scream, or panic. Act unafraid.
7. If a mountain lion starts walking toward you, use a
jacket or a backpack to make you look larger. Mountain
lions will usually not attack big things.
8. Do not play dead. They will still attack. Fighting back
helps. Go for the nose or the eyes.
9. Immediately report the incident to a park ranger.

This will be a strenuous hike up the tallest mountain in Texas - Guadalupe Peak.
1. You'll know the hardest part of the trail is over when
you see a sign facing the other way saying "No stock
beyond this point." This takes about an hour.
2. You will have hiked 3 miles (3-4 hours from the base)
when you see a sign pointing to the campground. You
only have a mile (1 hour) left to get to the top. If
you make it to the top, you can sign the park's book
located behind their monument.
3. We decided to put our box shortly after the campsite
for those who get so close, but have to turn back.
My husband started getting leg cramps around this point.
Hint from a doctor: drink plenty of water for a couple
of days before the hike and bring salty snacks.
4. Shortly after the campground marker you'll come to a
bridge. Stop at the edge of the wood railing. (Do NOT
cross the bridge. The box is before the bridge.)
5. Walk BACK along the trail about 12 feet (I wear size 11
women's shoes and measured one foot in front of
6. Look about 1.5 to 2 feet up the side of the mountain on
your right side. We housed the box in a crevice and
placed a rock in front of it.
7. I want to encourage you to keep going, you don't have
much farther. But if you can't make it all the way up,
at least you get to sign something.
8. Please do not take the stamp. I do not ever intend to
climb this mountain again. It was worth doing once to
prove that at age 40 I still could, but I'm going to
find something less strenuous for my 50th year of life.