Friendship Star - Quilt Block Series  LbNA # 51228

OwnerLone Star Quilter    
Placed DateOct 31 2009
LocationSeguin, TX
Found By tuck too
Last Found Jul 22 2016
Hike Distance?

This is a very old pattern; definitely easy to stitch, and able to be interpreted in many different fabrics. It's appeared in quilts for hundreds of years. It’s been featured in some quilts said to date from the 1700s. It was one of those blocks that people made up for 'farewell' quilts to friends or relatives who were moving. It reminds me of pioneers and covered wagons. There was an excellent chance that if your loved friend or relative emigrated out west, you would never see them again, so you made them a quilt to remind them of you and that they were loved. Even today, I’ve used it in gifts for my quilting friends. We have just made a letterboxing trip to San Antonio and had a wonderful time visiting a new friend, Mosaic Butterfly, so I decided to leave her a box to let her know how much we enjoyed her company. Thanks, MB!

Directions: This box is located at the Guadalupe County Rest Area on Interstate 10, Eastbound, between Sequin and Luling.

To the box: Take the Nature Trail in back of the visitors building. Bear right at the intersection. Where the trail loops back to the building, look for the “Cedar Elm” sign on the right. At the sign, turn back and walk 15 steps back along the trail to a leaning oak tree off the trail to the left. There’s a smaller, straighter, tree growing next to it. The box is behind the tree under rocks and things. It’s also resting on top of a rock to keep it out of the mud and water. I’d appreciate it if you’d put it back that way. Thanks!