Rose of San Antone  LbNA # 51233

OwnerLone Star Quilter    
Placed DateOct 28 2009
LocationSan Antonio, TX
Found By Silver Eagle
Last Found May 14 2014
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Due to the lyrics, “Deep within my heart, lies a melody, A song of old San Antone”, I’ve always thought of this famous western swing tune as “Rose of San Antone”, but the real name is "San Antonio Rose", and originally, it was an instrumental. It was the signature song of Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys. "San Antonio Rose" was written by Bob Wills, who first recorded it with the Playboys in 1938. Band members added lyrics and it was retitled "New San Antonio Rose". The song is written in the first person with the Rose of San Antone being the gentleman's lost love. "New San Antonio Rose" was the first national hit by Bob Wills and His Playboys, propelling them from their Southwestern fame to national notice. The song, both the music and lyrics, reflects the Mexican influence Bob Wills found growing up in the Southwest. Wills developed the melody of the original "San Antonio Rose" itself from a traditional tune, "Spanish Two Step", by playing the bridge in reverse. "New San Antonio Rose" ruffled the feathers of Southern country music moguls when Wills and the Playboys performed it with horns and a drum at the Grand Ole Opry on December 30, 1944. The song has been recorded by many artists in several genres. It lends its name to San Antonio Rose Palace in, where else but San Antonio.

Directions: This letterbox is located in O. P. Schnabel Park in San Antonio, Texas. Heading northwest on Highway 16 (Bandera Highway), the entrance is located just past Braun Rd. (on the left). Pull in and pass the YMCA. At the intersection, turn left, then right into the parking area near the playground and pavilion. Park as far right as you can and look for the trailhead at that end of the parking area.

To the box: Take the paved trail to the first bench on the right. There will also be a trail intersection at this point. Sit on the bench and look across the paved path for a dirt trail, heading slightly left. Take that trail for 90 steps from the paved path and look for a hollow stump just off the trail to the right. The box is in the stump under rocks. Be sure to recover it well.