Butterfly Series  LbNA # 51242

Placed DateNov 1 2009
LocationSparta, TN
Found By riverkat
Last Found Jul 13 2011
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Butterfly Series

Burgess Falls is beautiful state park that has four waterfalls, with the largest being 132 feet. All falls may be viewed with a 1.5 mile round trip hike. In addition to the spectacular falls there is fishing, a play ground, picnic area, and butterfly garden.

This is an extremely busy park. Be very careful not to draw attention to yourself and hide the boxes back well.

Letterbox #1: To find the first letterbox in the butterfly series start at the main trail head going toward the falls. You will pass the skeleton of an old swinging bridge. Continue on the main trail until you come to the first foot bridge that spans a wet weather stream. Do not cross the bridge. Walk upstream and there will be a Poplar tree with a small hollow rotten cavity at its base. Continue eight feet ( upstream and parallel with the stream) until you see a large rock. The letterbox is on the upstream side under this first rock. It is covered with smaller rocks.

Letterbox #2: Continue on the trail to the Burgess Falls overlook (largest waterfall). After you enjoy the view, start back on the trail to the parking lot. Begin counting fence posts until you get to 21. You will see a Poplar tree in line with the 21st post. You will have to leave the trail and cross the fence. Hidden in the hollow cavity at the base you will find the second letterbox. Cover it back well.