Bovine Beginnings: Iowa State Vet College  LbNA # 51247

Placed DateOct 27 2009
LocationAmes, IA
Found By Kay
Last Found Oct 26 2012
Hike Distance?

Checked and found in place as of March 17, 2012! The logbook was missing, but I didn't have a new one with me when I visited. If you plan to pursue this box, I'd appreciate it if you could take a new one (needs to be about 2"x3.5" to fit box), since I now live out of the country. Please make sure you put the logbook inside a ziplock inside the letterbox, because this spot is likely to get waterlogged. Thanks!

Place with Everyday Explorer, LindZ, and Leron.

Iowa State University has one of the first Veterinary Medical Colleges in the country. My husband has been studying here for almost four years, and I look forward to where our journey will lead when he graduates. For certain, he will be a cattle vet, and I will be a letterboxer! Thanks to my girlfriends for visiting and letterboxing with me!

Bring your own ink.
Level of terrain difficulty: easy
Time required after parking: 5 minutes.

Directions: From University Ave. near the stadium, turn east on South 16th street. Turn right into "Entry B" for the College of Vet Med and park in front of the Child Care Center in Lot 93. This is a lot that requires a parking pass, but you'll only be a few minutes in your pursuit of the letterbox. I took my chances when planting and had no problems.

Take off on foot northwest toward the stadium, as the crow flies. Walk past the sign that directs drivers to "Child Care Center, Administrative Offices, etc". Find the wide grassy path that heads into the woods. Keeping the fence row on your right, find the tree in the center of the bottom. Stand with your back against the tree and face the concrete slope with yellow blocks. To you right, you'll see a "tired timber". The Letterbox is buried near the ground in the crotch of this giant.