Suffield Stonehenge  LbNA # 51252

Placed DateNov 4 2009
LocationWest Suffield, CT
Planted BySHS Agriscience    
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The Suffield Agriscience Program is a magnet program hosted by Suffield High School that attracts students who are interested in agriculture, and then refines their interests with a series of elective, half-year courses that are based in one of four main categories: Animal Science, Plant Science, Natural Resources, and Agri-Mechanics.

This letterbox was created by the students of a Natural Resources course called Recreational Services Management, which focuses on topics related to Outdoor Recreation and the parks industry. In this course, students gain valuable insight in fields such as navigation, identification, and forest preservation.

For this letterbox you will need:
1) A compass
2) A sharp wit
3) to read directions carefully

Any feedback concerning the effectiveness of our directions is greatly appreciated and will be used to improve our technique.

Starting Point: Suffield High School, 1060 Sheldon St. West Suffield, 06093

1. Begin under the facade closest to the agriscience greenhouse (look for a large, clear building)

2. Facing away fro the building, walk forward 15 sidewalk blocks. You should end up on a platform with two disabled citizens on the pavement to your left.

3. Walk diagonally left to the split oak which may have a marker you would see on hotel doors.

4. From the south side of the tree, walk approximately 70 ft. away from the building. Stop short, or you will give autumn another name.

5. Follow the trail 12 below F*reezing to the bank.

6. Follow the S's to your left and find the easiest way to cross.

7. Continue at 320* to Suffield Stonehenge.

8. 43* and a steep uphill walk will take you to a surprise!

Surprise! If you read this DON'T FOLLOW THE PREVIOUS STEP! Itll save you a hard climb.

9. Go back to stonehenge if you arent already there. Take a seat in the tree look 100* and find the treasure that you seek.