Bridges Key  LbNA # 51269 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 7 2009
LocationHutchinson, MN
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...Sorry...this letterbox is missing.

This is about 3.5 miles round trip on asphalt and gravel state trail.
Starting point is at the statue of Little Crow in Hutchinson, MN. Follow the asphalt trail that goes under the bridge. As you walk, appreciate the trees, river, and wildlife. You will notice a metal walking bridge, but do not cross over this bridge. Continue on main trail going under another bridge. Soon you will come to a gravel path that veers to the left. Take this path. You are still on the State trail. Cross the road and continue up the incline. At the top of the hill you will see a large gray metal building on your right. Advance to Michigan Street and cross with caution. Stay on gravel path. Eventually, you will see in the distance that the trail goes up. This is your destination. It is a concrete bridge that spans over the highway. Go to the southeast corner of the bridge. Between the concrete and wood, you will find the letterbox. Please sign and date and take ONE gift for yourself. Leave everything as you found it. Make sure the brick is on top of the letterbox. This will keep the critters from carrying it away.