Path Of The Walker  LbNA # 51275 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerTricky Troy    
Placed DateNov 5 2009
LocationColumbia Heights, MN
Found By Sandcastle2
Last Found Sep 25 2010
Hike Distance?

This location is West of Central Ave on 51st Ave in Columbia Heights.
Once you park in the lot, walk past the twin picnic structures to the dual tar paths, and head North toward a building that's known for planting boxes as well, (Just in a different way!)
You will see a bridge to the West, follow it to the other side, and look to the South where you will see a bench, walk over, and have a seat on the South end, crane your neck to the right, and look between 2 good sized trees, and you will see two other trees angling away from each other, go to the base where you will see a log that looks a bit out of place and you will find the "walker".
I suggest continuing around the lake, it's a quick 10 minute walk around and back to your car!