Rest Area 'Boxing: Zathu Nananga and Bobby  LbNA # 51290

Owner4 little piggies    
Placed DateOct 1 2009
LocationBuffalo Valley, TN
Found By dusty trail
Last Found Oct 5 2013
Hike Distance?

"Tired of being forced to eat his oatmeal, Bobby decided to run away from home as far as he could get. He made really good progress, too, until he met someone who contacted his mother. "Hello, is this Mrs. Margaret Feldman of Cleveland, Ohio? This is Zathu Nananga of the Masai. I believe I have found your son, Bobby."- Gary Larson

Are you running away from home too? If so, take a REST, oh, say about 267 miles into Tennessee, then wander downhill to a giant sundial. Line up Cocke, Carter and Johnson and your quest lies behind the first tree that they point to.

-PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE- be sure no plastic is sticking outside the container when you reseal it for rehiding it, as this will cause a leak and allow water to destroy this letterbox.
-Use stealth when retrieving, step away from the area to stamp in and rehide in the intended spot with care so the letterbox is not visible. Find reports are always appreciated!
-previously planted at the "Not All Who Wander ad Lost" gathering in Murfreesboro, TN.