Science Hill Academy  LbNA # 51292

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LocationAthens, TX
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A group of Pioneers from Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana founded the Science Hill Community when they arrived in this area in 1846. Their hope for the settlement was that it would become a cultural and educational center for the county. Soon after their arrival, the residents started mills, cotton gins, merchantile businesses, churches and schools. The decade of the 1850s was one of growth and progress for Science Hill. A methodist Church was organized by the Rev. William D. Sansom, and the Science Hill Masonic Lodge began meeting in 1857. Members of the Lodge and other citizens helped found Science Hill Academy, which opened in 1858. The first school of higher education in Henderson County, the Academy offered classes in arithmetic, geography, history, Latin, Greek, natural science, and logic. Educator A. J. Fowler (1815-1889) was instrumental in its founding and served as first principal. Some of the teachers at Science Hill Academy were Mrs. Orlea Hodge, Mrs. S.H. Riddlesperger, and Mrs. W.L. Reynolds. Science Hill Academy was moved to Beck's Chapel sometime during the late 1800s or early 1900s because it was more in the center of the community. During the harsh years of the Civil War and Reconstruction, families began moving away from Science Hill. The Academy closed in 1872. By 1878 the Masonic Lodge had only 12 members, and its charter was surrendered. Science Hill became a ghost town, leaving only its history as a reminder of the community. Contributed by Elizabeth Bell Abbott (1916-2001)

From the courthouse in Athens, take South Prairieville Street to Cayuga Drive (Hwy 59) take a right and go approximately 12 miles to intersection pass Cross Roads School, take a left and continue on Hwy 59 approximately 1.7 miles to CR 3273, take a left on this road and follow it 3.6 miles to the Science Hill Historical Marker (this road dead ends at the black top road). Stop at the marker, walk around behind the it and look under the concrete, the letterbox is hidden under there among some logs. Be careful of snakes and other critters.

Please replace the box and cover it well.