The Holiday Stocking Box  LbNA # 51298

Placed DateFeb 23 2008
LocationAthens, GA
Planted ByCavallinoRampante    
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To begin this fun, relaxing and beautiful letterbox adventure, you need to first go to the State Botanical Gardens of Georgia, located in Athens. It is off S. Milledge / GA - 15, which is easily accessed by GA Loop 10 / US 78.

Once in the gardens, proceed to the Visitor Center Parking (turn right before the three main/upper parking lots after the official entrance with Deer gates).

Make your way to the Shade Garden arbor and (after reading the description, of course) make your way lazily down the winding cement path until you abruptly come to the wooded White Trail.

Follow the White Trail path as it bends to the left and down the hill below the observation houses.

When you meet the end of the Orange 'spur' trail, turn right to keep following the White trail.

You will walk for a few hundred feet next to an old, rusted fence and eventually you will come to a green gate on your left.

Go thru the gate and follow the path thru the field until the path dead ends.

Turn right and you'll once again be on the White Trail and next to a peaceful river (which hopefully will have more water when you're there!).

Travel over a bridge and follow along the path until you get to the Benyshack Bench, where you should sit and rest your feet in the sandy dirt, watching the river flow by. I used to like to think about all those who had come before me there.

Notice that right across from the bench there is a steep access to the beach.

At the beach there is a beautiful left-leaning tree. Reach inside the stump and you will discover why this is called the Holiday Stocking Box!

Good Luck!