Doorway to Imagination  LbNA # 51300

Placed DateNov 7 2009
LocationGrayslake, IL
Planted ByCharlieTheUnicorn    
Found By TheMitts
Last Found Jun 16 2011
Hike Distance?

One day, there was a man who was reading a book while taking a walk in Tooterville Park, located in Grayslake Illinois. He was walking along a path by a basketball court, and it was very hot and sunny, so he decided to get some shade by going under a Train Track bridge by a creek. While standing there, he saw birds, catfish, frogs, and rabbits. Suddenly, a swift Metra train flew above him on the tracks, and blew its horn, startling the man. He jumped and then he slipped, and finally fell, hitting his head on some rocks. No one noticed his accident, and he lay unconscious for awhile, bleeding.

He woke up later, very disoriented, feeling light as a feather, and began to stride back to the path. He became distracted when he saw what appeared to be a ghost shooting baskets on the nearby court. He decided to stay awhile and watch, and then night time came, and he began to understand that he too was a ghost, since other spirits joined him in the park for a pick-up game. His spirit still hangs out near the train track bridge, but it is where he realized his plight that determines where his stamp on life now resides.

Because he was reading a story when he died, his mind opened a door, and he passed through it into the world of imagination. After his death, he stayed on the other side of that door. His ghost still stands on the train tracks, watching others occasionally slip through that same door while imagining on their walk through the park. Of course, he cannot go back through the door into our world, but his stamp on life is a reminder of him.

The stamp is found behind the courts. You must walk southwardly, straight away from the middle basket, 10 adult paces, towards a fence, and stop at the nearest fence post. Cross the fence and go down the slope 10 feet to the base of a large thorny bush. There you will find a tin can, and inside is the doorway; can you feel the ghost watching you? But be careful; the mean ghosts in the park will try to scratch you with the thorny branches!!

Please replace the box as you found it, inside the tin, with the tin propped against the trunk of the bush, its open end facing down the hill.