Juliet's Last Dance  LbNA # 51303

Placed DateNov 7 2009
LocationDelavan, WI
Found By shooting starz
Last Found Aug 18 2016
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As far back as 1000 B.C., Native Americans inhabited the land on the north side of Delavan Lake, now the home of Lake Lawn Resort. A number of burial mounds still exist on the property. The most famous grave however, is not on the grounds, but deep beneath the waters of this beautiful lake.

In 1878, the original hotel was built for members of the Mabie Circus who “wintered” in the Delavan area. Even before the resort was built, circuses were using this area as a place to hold their animal, wagons, etc. for the for the long winter months. When the circus was purchased by Barnum and Bailey, the hotel was sold.

During one long winter, Barnum and Bailey's stage elephant, Juliet, died. Probably of a broken heart as her partner, Romeo, had passed on earlier. How do you bury an elephant in the winter? The circus owners ordered that Juliet be pulled on sleds to the middle of the lake (conveniently the lake was frozen for the winter). Come springtime and thaw, the semi-preserved elephant's corpse sank to her watery grave.

From the city of Delavan, take Highway 50 east to Lake Lawn Resort. Drive to the far east end of the property where you’ll find a marina and boat launch. Park in the marina parking lot. Walk to the end of the west breakwater, stopping at the green and white lighthouse. Admire the beautiful view of the lake, and Juliet’s final resting place.

From the lighthouse, take 99 steps/ paces back in the direction in which you came. You should be about two steps from a Maple tree. Look to your left. Do you see a large granite boulder the color of an elephant? Look beneath it and you will find your treasure. Take some time to tour the old hotel, burial mounds, and have refreshment in the bar.

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