Spencer's Bone  LbNA # 5131 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 7 2003
CountySan Joaquin
LocationRipon River Crossing, Ripon, CA
Planted By
Found By Black Cavalier
Last Found Mar 16 2005
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 28 2015

Spencer's letterbox is located at the Ripon River Crossing in Ripon Ca which is a small town outside of Modesto. It is on highway 99. If you are heading North on 99 you will take the first Ripon exit and turn on East main.(The important word in this is East, the main road running through downtown is also Main but that is not the street you want). If this box need attention please e-mail me at wackyone@ix.netcom.com.

Hi, my name is Spencer and I am an 8 year old cocker spaniel. I live in Modesto Ca. I live in the backyard of a ranch style home. This is my third home. People are allergic to me so I am happy to have found this nice place to live. My home has two nice girls that play with me and two adults-"He" feeds me and "She" takes me to see Mark. Mark is my groomer and he makes me look so good. I like to hang out in the backyard by the pool and chew on bones. I really like bones. I had a favorite bone, it was the best, fat on the ends and really tasty. So yummy, my story begins.................

One day my family took me and my bone for a ride in the car. I know that we went further than usual because we went on one of those fast roads. He stopped the car at the end of the exit by slamming on the brakes and I hit my head on the seat. OUCH! I think it jiggled my bladder too because I really need a tree or fire hydrant. I barked but they all ignored me and kept driving. Another stop sign and I try not to fall over as he turns right. As they continue down Manley, I am so excited because I see a fire hydrant. I hold my breath hoping they will stop however they just continue on. Another hydrant, and another and no one is stopping for me! One more right turn and then a left into a parking lot. FINALLY!

He says, "Come on boy." I am so happy that I will get to go but then the little girl grabs my leash and goes off skipping, dragging me behind. She runs me past a castle, a pipeline, a huge noisy bridge and I try my hardest to stop her. She will not slow down. She runs past a huge snake like log and drags me across the bridge. When we get to the other side, He yells "That's too far honey bring Spencer back here." So, she runs me back to the other side of the bridge. When she gets to the 3rd mark in the road I make my break and run to the left to find the biggest tree I can see. Whew........finally I get to water the tree by the fence. It felt so good and I was so relieved that I forgot my bone back by the tree. Could you get it for me?