Vedauwoo  LbNA # 5132

Ownerteam tiger pride    
Placed DateAug 7 2003
LocationVedauwoo Road, Laramie, WY
Found By Papaver rhoeas
Last Found Jul 1 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 2 2015


Time: 20 minutes, one way
Distance: about 3/4 mile to the letterbox from trailhead; complete loop trail is 4 miles.
Also some good non-technical rock scrambling available.
Rating: easy, level trail to the letterbox - no rocks to climb over
Usually open: May-October

From Cheyenne, WY take Interstate 80 30 miles west from the intersection of I-80 and I-25 to Exit 329, Vedauwoo Road. From Laramie, WY go 12.5 miles east on I-80 from Grand Ave. exit, east end of Laramie, to same exit. Go north on Vedauwoo Road one mile from I-80, to a left turn into Vedauwoo Recreation Area, staying on paved road. Vedauwoo has fantastic granite rock formations, and is a world-famous climbing locality. From that turn go 0.3 mile to the picnic area pay station. There is a $5.00 day use fee. A very nice campground with good tent and RV sites is available for $10/night.

After the pay station you will see signs for Turtle Rock Trail and the Box Canyon. At 0.6 miles take the left fork, following signs to “Lower Parking”. Park in the “Lower Parking” lot and take the Turtle Rock trail off the west end of the parking lot. (Please note that there are many trailheads for Turtle Rock; find this one at Lower Parking lot.) Follow the trail west into an aspen grove, go through a gate, and pass a marsh on the left with a beaver lodge in the middle of it. In a few hundred feet you will come out of the aspen grove into a meadow-like clearing with aspens on the left and a slope of large granite boulders on the right. At the far end of this clearing (about a hundred yards) the trail passes through a narrow opening between the aspens (left) and the large boulders (right). From the point in the opening where boulders from both sides touch the trail edge, count about 10 paces west and stop. Looking to the left and downslope, you will see the low rounded top of a large, mostly buried boulder and, about two feet behind it, a smaller, angular boulder completely above ground and perched on top of another mostly buried boulder. Check your direction if you desire by taking a bearing of 190 and go about 5 paces downhill. Take care not to trample plants or make a trail. You will now be slightly downslope and to the west of the angular perched boulder. The base of this boulder is mostly covered by ground juniper, and has a narrow niche where you will find the letterbox. After you have signed in please take care to close the box and seal it in the bag completely, and return it to the exact same spot. Thanks for visiting!