Happy Jack  LbNA # 5133

Ownerteam tiger pride    
Placed DateAug 7 2003
LocationHappy Jack Road, Laramie, WY
Found By lionsmane
Last Found Jun 28 2016
Hike Distance?

[The box is in place but the plastic box is cracked, the large ziplock has a hole in it and the inside ziplock with the log has a rip. Any first aid would be appreciated. -Choi Feb2012]

Time: 20 minutes
Distance: about ½ mile to the letterbox, but extensive trail system in the area to explore
by mountain bike or foot.
Rating: easy, level trail to the letterbox
Usually open: May-October

From Cheyenne, WY take Interstate 80 west to Exit 323, Happy Jack Road/Hwy 210, near crest of Laramie Range and Lincoln monument. From Laramie, WY go east on I-80 to same exit. On Happy Jack Road go past first right to Tie City campground, continuing on to second right to Happy Jack Recreation Area. On this gravel road go 3/10's mile to the parking area at the bottom of the hill. You will be at the old “Happy Jack” Ski Area. This area offers many trails through spruce and aspen forests, mixed with wildflower meadows in the old clearings from the ski slopes.

The Happy Jack Trailhead is at the edge of the parking lot next to the large fee station sign, but it is not marked vary clearly. Take the trail heading straight off to the left(south) as you face the sign. The trail leads into the large clearing, filled with wildflowers, that used to be the bottom of the downhill ski area. Almost immediately the trail forks--take the right-hand fork. In 100 feet you should see two of the old ski slopes on the hillside to the left. Go through a small aspen grove. Note that one of the larger trees to the right has a blue diamond marker nailed to it. (trail marker for cross-country skiers) This tree is about 15-20 feet off the trail and the marker is hard to see. Continue on the trail past the third ski slope, then through a grove of spruce. Past the spruce grove you will find the second blue diamond on a small aspen trunk on the right-hand side of the trail. Next on the left there is one more ski slope that has become overgrown with small aspen and with a small stream to the right. Continue on past a third blue diamond, on a large aspen. From here, a short way up the trail, you should see the fourth and final blue diamond on a very large aspen tree. Turn around and face the way you came in the trail. Starting even with this aspen tree walk back 3 to 4 paces. Look uphill, to what is now your right side, through the dense spruce trees to find the mossy, root end of a old, large, fallen tree. There may still be blue flagging tape tied nearby. The letterbox is hidden at this log. If you are in the right spot, there should be another very large aspen tree downslope (to left) 15 feet off of the trail.

To get to the log, you may need to walk up the trail a short way and circle back around. The fallen tree is about 15 inches wide, with moss growing along it. Once at the log, go 12 feet up from the root end to where the tree touches the ground. Get on the down hill side, and look under the log. Pull away a piece of bark under the tree to reveal the box. The fallen tree is a good place to stamp on. Be sure to secure the box’s plastic bags and replace the bark to protect it from the winter snows. Thanks for visiting!