Bitsy Bunny  LbNA # 51352 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerCW Sun Seeker    
Placed DateNov 6 2009
LocationIdaho Falls, ID
Found By rydeswitheagles
Last Found May 15 2010
Hike Distance?

At Tautphaus Park, Emily went to the carnival area. She rode the Ferris Wheel, then went to the Funland Arcade and Food for a snow cone. She sat on the bench and watched the little kids ride the airplanes. An itsy bitsy bunny hopped by and stopped to watch Emily. She slowly reached to pet it, and the scared little bunny quickly took off running. Emily ran to follow it. Bitsy Bunny hopped through the rail fence opening, and to the left. It hopped up onto the rail of the fence and followed it to the end, then circled the tree on the left. It hopped to the Do Not Enter sign, then crossed the street to the other Do Not Enter sign, and went right, along the cement barrier at the canal, to the chain link fence. Just as Emily caught up, Bitsy Bunny went through the opening between the cement wall and the chain link fence, and to the left. At the first bend of the cement barrier, Bitsy Bunny dove into the crack to hide. Maybe you can coax the little bunny to come out.

BE SURE TO ZIP ALL BAGS CLOSED. Please be discreet and tuck the Bitsy Bunny’s black pouch into the crack and cover with debris.