The Lake Arrowhead Fairy  LbNA # 51368 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 7 2009
CountySan Bernardino
LocationLake Arrowhead, CA
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Last EditedDec 30 2015

Update: Letterbox is gone missing. Check back soon for an update when we can replace.

The Lake Arrowhead Fairy letterbox was placed by two girls who one day came upon the most wonderful fairy shop....”a little girls dream of a store”. Every time we visit Lake Arrowhead we have to stop by the “Fairy Shop” as we like to call it.
So to find the Lake Arrowhead Fairy, you must first find the Lake Arrowhead Village. Once you are at the village proceed towards the Round Building in the center of the village, continue pass this unique shaped building towards to the west. You will have restaurants and shops on your left and a large grassy area on your right. When you come to a staircase (on your left) take the staircase down and at the bottom of the staircase turn right and look over at the railroad ties sticking up. From the building the letterbox should be at about the 6th or 7th railroad tie. Look behind the railroad tie underneath the greenry. Please be careful to make sure no one sees you.
Remember to place the letterbox back totally sealed! (this box must handle the all the elements of mountains - rain & snow etc!)
And by now you have probably found the “Fairy Shop” - Have Fun!
(I think the shop closes on Sunday...just so you don't make the trip and be disappointed!)