Placed DateNov 5 2009
LocationCharlotte, NC
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Placed by: M. Rodriguez & C. Pineda
Placement Date: November 5, 2009
State: North Carolina
County: Mecklenburg
City: Charlotte
Number of Boxes: 1
Park: Reedy Creek Park

In this letterbox you will find the name of the best SDA Pathfinder Club in Charlotte, NC. Please follow the directions/riddles to discover the name. The directors have placed the letterbox in a unique place where you would not image they have gone and we are challenging you to show us how smart you are. 
Good Luck and Enjoy!

1- As soon as you arrive the Reedy Creek Park you need to find the shelter with the number that is one less than the perfect number.

2- You need to find the trail that has a representation of a geometric figure whose color is the same as darkness.

3- There are many ways to demonstrate love; some do it by singing, others by dancing, and others by drawing and others by carving their names on a big tree.

4- As you continue the trail you will find two things: one will help you demonstrate your good citizenship and the other will give you a place to rest.

5- When you find these two things you will enter the trail that reflects sunshine and whose symbol represents your mental, physical, and spiritual abilities.

6- After you enter this new trail, you will come upon a tree that has the shape of two arches.

7- You will then find objects that were invented to connect two things that are separated.

8- You will then encounter an island tree.

9- Make sure you enter the trail that has a symbol that represents the shape and color of a citrus fruit.

10- When you arrive to the rock house, you need to count 60 steps (steps of a 5ft tall person) from the bottom of the stairs to your right.

11- Then count 26 steps (steps of a 5ft tall person) to your left. Look at the big broken tree. One of its branches is broken and the letterbox is found at its crack.