Flying Eagle  LbNA # 51386

Placed DateNov 14 2009
LocationHouston, TX
Found By Silver Eagle
Last Found Feb 21 2010
Hike Distance?

MRK Flying Eagle Letterbox

At the Northern Head of the Robin Loop (in Terry Hershey Park), the small drainage bayou goes underground. There is a trash can directly above this spot. With your back to the trash can, walk towards Buffalo Bayou until you come to the end of the gravel trail. Follow the paved trail until you come to a hill with white hand rail at the bottom. Walk 85 paces to the resting place of Zeng. Go to the west side of his resting place.

Looking away from the Buffalo and walk between the two trees, 25 paces and look to the skies.

Lower the eagle. Raise it up and tie a Cub Scout knot putting it back for others.