Old Glory 1  LbNA # 51387 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 14 2009
LocationHouston, TX
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MRK Old Glory

At the Northern Head of the Robin Loop (in Terry Hershey Park), the small drainage bayou goes underground. There is a trash can directly above this spot. With your back to the trash can, facing Buffalo Bayou, look at the field to your right.

Counting from the right-most path entering the field, take the 2nd path into the woods. Go uphill. You will pass a bog on your right. Follow the trail down the hill and around a curve.

You will come to a split in the trail. Go left and duck under a low arch. From the arch, follow this trail about 32 paces to the next split, where you will again go left. Walk for about 105 paces from the split.

You are now at a split in the trail. Go right for about 12 paces and, when you come to the next split, go right.

Follow the winding trail until you cross the home-made bridge made of logs and a beam. Go up the steep hill and bear left.

After about 13-15 paces you should see a tree that fell over, about 4 feet above the ground. Look up, look down, look all around the tree!

If you reach the log wedged in the fork of a tree, you’ve gone too far!

Please replace the letterbox as you found it. Happy hunting!