Y Furnace Run  LbNA # 51396

OwnerQuarry Quest    
Placed DateNov 14 2009
LocationRichfield, OH
Found By The Early Birds
Last Found Mar 6 2010
Hike Distance?

Furnace Run Metro Park, Brushwood Area is located at 4955 Townsend Rd., Richfield. The 890-acre Furnace Run Metro Park began in 1929 when the family of Charles Francis Brush Jr. donated 272 acres to Metro Parks. Brushwood Lake, a once-popular swimming spot before erosion and sedimentation forced its closing in 1956. Birds spotted in Furnace Run Metro Park include a variety of owls, hawks, herons, warblers and waterfowl. Downstream from the lake, the wet woods of sycamores, black walnuts, willows and shrubs welcome an occasional family of beavers. Brushwood Lake is home to fish, frogs and other aquatic wildlife.

From the parking lot follow the brick path past the pavilion over the bridge until you come to the Trailhead marker. Follow the Old Mill trail which leads you through a beech-maple woods, acres of spring wildflowers – including trillium and Virginia bluebells – and deep ravines. When you come to the Y in the trail, make sure to follow the path to the right. After crossing the first wooden bridge there is a small S turn in the trail. Go to the top of the small incline. Notice the large fallen tree on your right. Continue looking into the woods in this direction, to notice the huge, leaning, dark-barked tree with a Large Y about 25-30 feet up. Don’t worry the box is not up there! Ahead on the trail you can look to find a good safe way to get through the woods to this tree. The box can be found at the rear base of this tree. Hope you are successful in finding this box. Please be stealth, while returning the box and placing it for others to enjoy. If you note a problem, please feel free let me know if there is anything that needs attention.

Continue on and enjoy the rest of the trail. Near the end take a moment to notice the Charles Brush Memorial.