Canadian Walk  LbNA # 5142

OwnerCanada Goose    
Placed DateJun 2 2002
LocationPortland, OR
Found By Heron-A-Foot
Last Found Mar 9 2008
Hike Distance?

This series is a walk on the "Canadian" Side. In order to find the location of where the boxes are hidden you will need to think like a Canadian, remember a little bit of history, and like clues that beat around the bush. You may want to take gloves, as there will be nettles about.

Location Clues:
1. You need to be West of the Cascade Mountains.
2. Be on or near the historical division between the USA and Canada.
3. Where there is a meeting of two merging to the west. One is
smaller than the other
4. Get the point.
5. Don't step in _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

Canadian Series #1 "The Flag" Easy

Drive to the end of the road and Park. Once on the trail spot the 4th door on the Jiffy. From the door walk straight ahead until you see a path on the left. Head towards the water but be sure not to trip over the first box in the process.

Canadian Series #2 "Your Neighbours" Easy

From box 1 feel free to walk down to the river but box 2 will be found back by the water closet. Once you walk past the Jiffy you will see a thick and thin pair very snug to the right. 26 paces to the left is the next box. Be discreet as it is close to the trail.

Canadian Series #3 "Best Export" Easy

Continue on your adventure and watch for the fork in the path. Hold to the right and enjoy the walk along the river. Keep your eyes pealed for the famous "L" & "C" duo marker. Just past it look for 3 sisters in a row. You will discover a tasty reward below, behind and beneath a mossy log.

Canadian Series #4 "The Gold" Easy

Past yet another Jiffy will set you in the right direction toward the 4th box on this team. It is time for a picnic. Where is the letter "C"? Scan and you will see.observe the path to the right of the "C". Not the large one but the smaller one heading off out of sight. At the next main intersection veer left and take 54 paces. In front of you is an evergreen, to the left is dense bush and to your right is a gateway. Beneath one of the pillars you will find your "Gold".

Canadian Series #5 "The Great White North" Moderate to Hard

Your trip is nearly done. Head back to the parking lot and jump on in your car. Position yourself at the old park sign, which will be found in the lot. Begin singing "O' Canada" to 23 miles per hour while you drive out of the Park. When the song has come to an end you will see a port out one side. Search the opposite for the last box.

Placed by the "Canada Goose" and her friend "Brown Sugar" June 2, 2002. If you have any challenges with the clues or the boxes are missing, please email me at Good luck!!!

There may be a bonus prize for the first one through!!