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The Bare Tree  LbNA # 51466

Placed DateMay 1 2007
LocationGlastonbury, CT
Planted ByThe 6 Beez    
Found By Dulcimer Dame
Last Found May 28 2011
Hike Distance?

Shenipsit Trail, East Glastonbury, Connecticut
Hiking distance to letterbox approximately 1/3 mile (moderate to hard hike along Flatbrook)

This letterbox was placed May 1, 2007 by Girl Scout Troops #10843 & #10850 on their way to look for their first letterbox “Christmas Eve on Flatbrook” which is about another 1/3 mile past this box. This section of Shenipsit Trail follows Flatbrook from near Diamond Lake into the Meshomaisic State Forest.


In summertime these woods of CT host the endangered Timber Rattlesnake.

Directions to the Trail:

Take Route 94 (Hebron Avenue) east from Glastonbury, past route 83 (Manchester Road) and keep going east until you reach the top of John Tom Hill at Marlborough Road. Take a right onto Marlborough Road and proceed straight thru first stop sign (Diamond Lake Road) to Imperial Drive (3rd right after turning onto Marlborough Road) and turn right. Proceed down Imperial past the first left (Empress Lane) until you reach the first guardrail on the left. This will be .3 miles from Marlborough Road. Park car on the right side of the road and cross the street. Look for a large rock with 2 blue blazes painted on it. The rock is between the first and second guardrails on the left side of Imperial. The blue blazes mark the Shenipsit Trial and you will follow these markings to the letterbox. The trail is visible by the trampled grass to the right of the stone.

Walk down the path – you will hear Flatbrook on the left. As you around a small drainage pond you will enter some woods. Note the blue blazes marked on the trees. As you enter the woods you will cross your first small brook feeding Flatbrook. Continue along the trail, SSE as it passes behind some homes. At the pipeline clearing the trail veers to the left and follows just alongside the brook again. Continue following the blue-blazed trail which eventually goes up the hill on the right. At .37 miles from the start you will enter a sizeable grove of Mountain Laurel.

The letterbox:

Take notice to the very beginning of this Mountain Laurel grove. On the right next to the beginning is a large tree with a blue blaze on the back of it. Starting at this tree, count approx. 44 steps into grove. Now take a compass setting of 260 degrees and walk approx. 13 steps into the woods and look up for an old half broken off “bare” tree. Behind this tree under a rock you will find the box! If you continue on, you could find another letterbox – Christmas Eve on Flatbrook.