Tribute to Tiger  LbNA # 51484

Placed DateNov 22 2009
LocationSolomon, KS
Found By mn_countryboy
Last Found Aug 27 2011
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Hello World (Ok, Dickinson/Saline County)
My 3 kids and I placed this easy to find letterbox as a simple tribute to a dog that I loved. He was run over by a car late in life and is buried in this pet cemetery at Faithful Friends. Travel south out of Solomon, Kansas. From the intersection of Barn Road and Country Club Road you will travel 2.5 miles south to position yourself in front of the cemetery. First the letterbox, is located between the 5th and 6th Evergreen tree along the north south dirt road bordering the west edge of the cemetery, Barn Road. It is in a bag, under a rock so remember to replace it when finished exactly as you retrieved it. Second, my dog’s grave is located in the center of the cemetery near the block flower garden. You face south to read his tombstones. He has two tombstones. I made them by hand and they are fairly weathered. He is buried inside the toolbox (large plastic style) that I use to attach him to while he rode in the back of our pickup. I think it cost $100 to bury him. It was worth it. I trained him. He was a registered Golden Retriever who auditioned and won the role of “Sandy” in the Salina Community Theatre’s production of ANNIE in the mid 90s. He was spectacular and very popular with the kids. He hunted deer and pheasants with me and accompanied me everywhere. Once, I lost him and for a week searched everywhere. A neighbor, near Talmage, recognized him from the “wanted” posters and graciously returned him to me! I was so thankful. If you are looking for a dog, we suggest a registered Golden Retriever. They are the 4th smartest dog in the world and the most gentle with young kids. I had hired a young pre-teen to exercise Tiger during wheat harvest and unfortunately, he strayed from her and was killed. It was awful. He actually died over night in our basement despite our tears and prayers.
Enjoy the rest of the cemetery. Can you find the other pets named Tiger and Tigger? How about the family of pigs buried here? Does your family have a favorite pet? Tell us about it and where you are from. Be lengthy. Tiger’s nickname was Pig. His full name was Tiger Jay Marwick.