If The Devil Danced In Empty Pockets...  LbNA # 51514

OwnerFlutterby Flew By    
Placed DateNov 15 2009
Location???, CT
Found By ???
Last Found Nov 29 2009
Hike Distance?

~This is the name of a song by Joe Diffie and it has been stuck in my head since planting this box!!

To find this devil, you must first figure out where the devil would go for recreation...

After doing that, you will need to head South on the blue blazed trail. A map of the area is a must as you will have to figure out ahead of time where the landmark is...

Well the devil danced and danced. He danced so much that he then had a great thirst. He decided to drink some hard cider and then continued on.

He had had so much hard cider that it was starting to impair his senses.

After a particularly long, hard climb, he decided to stop and lean against a rock to catch his breath.

He stayed there a moment and then uttered, "I declare, I do believe this rock is tipping!"

"Actually it may just be me due to the hard cider."

He looked across the trail and there a tree was "talking" to him.

He shook his head to clear it and looked again. The tree was still "talking" to him and telling him things.

He decided to get a closer look. After going around the large rock in front of the tree, he examined that "talking" tree closer.

Well, it was still talking and he stepped back, fell against the rock and to the ground.

He decided his best course of action would be to just curl up under the little overhang there and go to sleep.

If you follow in his footsteps, you just may catch a glimpse of him...

You will need red and black markers for this image.

Be sure to tuck him back in well or there will be "heck to pay".