Think Spring (Montana)  LbNA # 51523

Placed DateNov 26 2009
LocationVictor, MT
Found By Mosaic Butterfly
Last Found Jun 24 2010
Hike Distance?

Think Spring seemed appropriate as we want to LB and there is snow on the ground! We took this to our favorite hiking trail. After sliding around, we turned back and hid it in an area where it was easier to get to! No slipping and sliding! (At least till teh snow levels get higher!)

Find Bear Creek trailhead. When you park your car, find the place you want to visit before you head out on the trail. Look towards 230 degrees. You will see a tall pine. Go to it. From the back of the pine go 10 steps at 217 degrees. Think Spring is under a rock- ready to come out!!!

Please be sure to reseal bag carefully. The snow can leak into the box & baggies if they aren't sealed good!!