Birthday Wishes: Janet  LbNA # 51524

Placed DateNov 22 2009
LocationHamilton, MT
Found By ASEA of Lolo
Last Found Aug 2 2014
Hike Distance?

Find the Demmons fishing access. Look for the regulation sign. From here you can see a gorgeous view of the river and sometimes herds of deer, Bruce & his family, and even an occassional elk. The day that we placed this it looked like Bruce & his family had just been there. Fresh moose tracks everywhere!!

From the regulation sign look towards 208 degrees. Go 17 steps, but be careful- you'll be close to an edge! See the tree? Crawl to the base, and hanging off the ground, on the back side of the tree, you will find Janet's birthday wish. You will end up close to nature- not advised to do if it's been raining!! However, even in the snow, the LB should be accessible since it's hanging about a foot or so up from the ground.