Those Weeping Willows  LbNA # 51525

OwnerSilver Knights    
Placed DateNov 26 2009
LocationMidland, TX
Found By paygal
Last Found Jul 10 2013
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When Midland built its highway infrastructure it used rocks and dirt from several public land areas. The city then leveled the holes and made them into city parks. In addition to serving as public parks the leveled holes serve as watersheds for rain water. These low lying areas have several weeping willow trees that normally would not grow in a city that has an average rainfall of 12 inches. One of these parks is also a home to a letterbox. In this letterbox you will find a bonnet, which you may need in this bright and windy city while you watch the limbs of the weeping willows blow.

Midland, Texas, go to Grafa Park at the corner of Midkiff and Ma Mar. You will see a playscape with two pine trees. Go to the larger pine tree and look for a dirt alley. Starting at the pine tree walk west down the alley past three garbage dumpsters. You will see an iron fence that has brick supports. At the first brick support where the iron fence begins a micorbox is inside the iron fence post about ¼ inch down. You will need your own ink pad and pencil.