muddy buddies  LbNA # 51531

Placed DateSep 5 2009
LocationSkokie, IL
Planted Bybutterqup    
Found By Hart x6
Last Found Oct 3 2010
Hike Distance?

traditionally, **muddy buddies** are better known as a very tasty snack made from chex mix, covered in melted chocolate chips and then lightly sprinkled with powdered sugar. (i also like to use peanut butter with the chocolate chips, or even butterscoth chips!!)

but i have my own **muddy buddies**. they are my closest friends and such a beautiful addition to my life. this series is a dedication to them :D

please note that each buddy is in a different location. although you CAN walk from each buddy to the next one, i suggest driving to each one. the clues listed are in no geographical order. they have been listed alphabetically.

**b** -- prairie view center
**where to park?** turn into the driveway (from dempster st) and follow the road to the back of the building. you can park in front of the park or facing the tennis courts.
make your way to the basketball court, but please be cautious of any players. from the back-to-back hoops, you will face away from the parking lot and walk towards the large pine tree directly in-line with the hoops. a young tree stands between you and **b**. from this young tree, take about 8 - 9 steps til you reach the pine tree, now face it. this buddy you seek is lingering within the branches.

**bear** -- julia s molloy education center
**where to park?** turn into the parking lot from menard ave and face the park that sits just north of this building. (please know that there are working business hours monday - friday from 8am to 3pm.) if you are not able to park in this lot, you can find parking along the residential streets. the park is guarded by a chain link fence, but it is 'usually' unlocked.
once through this metal gate, look for a colorful tribute garden. the edges are adorned with plastered tiles encrusted with multi colored stones. in this garden will sit a large rock with a plaque on it to commemorate the centers namesake. face this rock and plaque and you will see a shelter. (what a convenient spot to log your find!) **bear** is hidden inside an evergreen bush found within this garden directly between the plaque and the shelter.

**marie** -- park view school
**where to park?** park in the lot across the street from this school. you should be facing the park.
walk along the side of the harrer park pavilion where the washrooms are. behind this building is an island of foliage and behind this island is a baseball field. walk to the east side of this island and then face the island so that your back is to the tennis courts. **marie** is waiting for you within the branches of the northeastern-most bush.

**mika** -- harrer park & pool
**where to park?** you can walk to this location from **marie**'s spot, or park in the west lot (along the forest preserve) from the pool and park.
walk over to the centennial gazebo just east of the park. from here, head over to the pool. as you walk over to the pool, you will notice that you are walking upon names on these stones. between the gazebo and the pool sits some benches to your right and a concrete border, which houses different flowers and bushes, to your left. start from the eastern-most concrete block and go south, counting nine blocks. you will find **mika** hidden within the concrete seams that meet and form a corner -- on the side that faces the pool.

**tara** -- mansfield park
**where to park?** along church st by the park
walk over to the basketball court and have a seat on the brown bench. you will be facing the basketball court, but **tara** wont be there. she is hidden in a bush to your right, behind that administration building. walk over to the northwest corner of this building and search for a sign regarding canines. she lies within the bush below this sign.

**** -- austin park
**where to park?** there are designated parking spaces at only one entrance at this park. please obey the residential street parking signs.
walk over to the concrete "stump" between the blue car and the red fire truck. at this stump, turn so that you are facing the carousel. **the.cute.cone** is hidden in the second to the far north bush that stands between you and the carousel.

happy quests!!