ninjato  LbNA # 51533 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 17 2009
Locationglenview, IL
Planted Bybutterqup    
Found By Freelance Mystic
Last Found Mar 22 2010
Hike Distance?


although the word, ninjato, means: straight blade, as carried and used by a japanese ninja, it can also be used as a name. and with the birth of my latest carve, the ninja, ive named him ninjato.

like most asian martial artists, they prefer to practice their skills high above the earths land. often times, you will find sparring mats and other devices of martial arts, high above the ground in the room which houses them. however, where they sleep is not atop everything else. most temples will have their dormitories, or sleeping rooms, on the lower level.

in order to find ninjato, you will have to climb to the highest peak at lake glenview.

start at the parking lot just off of west lake avenue nearest to lehigh. from this lot, face south -- you should be able to see lake glenview from there. if not, perhaps you might want to start walking south along the path at the easternmost side of the parking lot. once you've made your way onto the path, you should be able to see the lake to your right. there are many paths that lead in different directions, but the path you want will lead you up to ninjato.

do you see the temple yet? its off to the west of the path youre on. high above the waters of the lake. travel up to the temple and once youre there, you'll find that ninjato is sound asleep, beneath the calm of the temple. upon entering the temple, you will find that the walkway is protected by wooden rails on either side. ninjato's dormitory is beneath the southern edge of the rail covered up by dirt and a s.p.o.t. ("t" = twigs)

please remember to put ninjato back to sleep ... just the way he was found.

*** PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be incredibly careful if you're searching the letterbox with children, or are afraid of heights. PLEASE do not let any children on the outside of these rails. ***