the venture bros series  LbNA # 51534

Placed DateNov 22 2009
Locationelk grove villate, IL
Planted Bybutterqup    
Found By dakachebre
Last Found Sep 17 2010
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the venture bros series

the venture bros animated series (previously called: "cartoons"!) is geared for more ... mature ... audiences. its a story about a mad scientist who is raising two sons on his own. he has his own lab and even his own bodyguard -- who is licensed to kill!! the crazy archenemy, the monarch butterfly, is always trying to find a way to ruin the venture bros and their father.

we need to find dean and hank venture in order to find their wacky dad, dr venture, but we'll need the help of their bodyguard, brock sampson. lets just hope that their buzzing nemesis doesnt get in our way!

to begin, park in the lot thats just off of arlington heights rd and north of higgins rd. if youre lucky, the elk will be out and about grazing and showing off their natural beauty. please do not feed the elk or provoke them to try to come to you!! from the parking lot, you will notice a wide open green field to the south, and to the north you will find an entryway to a bike path. start making your way south, following along the fence. the fence line starts heading west towards the overpass -- keep following along the fence line and into the forest.

dean venture - once youre into the forest, look for the end of the overpass. make your way to the edge of the overpass and then go underneath it. you will find dean waiting for you atop the third width-wide support beam (from the north end).

hank venture - make your way back onto the path that starts at the end of the overpass. head north from here in order to find deans fair haired brother. you'll know youre on the right track when you come to the red trail marker (mile 3). from this mark (NOT beyond it), get off the path and head into the forest away from the elk grove. there will be two tall fallen trees very close to each other -- one that is almost parallel to the path, and the other that is not. hank is waiting for you within the nonparallel tree at the westernmost end.

brock sampson, bodyguard with a license to kill - return to the path you came off of and look at the "end" of the trail to the north. the "end" actually curves to the right, and that curve in the trail starts the path to pick up the family bodyguard. now that youre past the turn in the trail (at about the seventh metal post along the fence line), follow the path that leads you back into the forest. you should be going northwest from the start of the path. brock is eagerly waiting for you within the hollow end of a fallen tree that is laying besides its base.

the monarch butterfly - once again, return to the path and now you will be going east on this trail. as you walk along, you will start to notice several downed trees to your left, just off of the trail that youre on. the evil monarch butterfly is hiding from you within the 8-ft. tree stump which is laying on its side. it looks like the tree was uprooted and the base of that tree faces away from the trail. when you face the very base (or the roots) of this tree, you will be able to look through the hollowed out tree. the monarch is hidden at the apex of the hollow.

dr thaddeus venture - lets save him! back to the trail and continue eastward. you will come near the end of this trail. right before you come to the wooden fence, you will find a tall fallen tree about ten steps into the forest from the trail. dr venture is waiting for his rescue within the hollow end of the tree -- away from the trail.

please be courteous of other trail users and respect the rules of the trail. most importantly, please be incredibly cautious of the wildlife within the forest. although the elk are fenced in, their furry other friends are not.